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Why do I need auto insurance?

There are several reasons why everyone that drives needs to have auto insurance. The law in California requires everyone to carry at least a liability policy. If the car is being leased or financed, comprehensive/collision and additional liability limits may be required. Otherwise, your financial institution will add the proper coverage onto your loan and it will usually cost you lot more then what would have been if you get it directly from an insurance provider such as Emperor Insurance Center.

What kind of deductible should I get?

There are different kinds of deductibles that are offered with insurance policies and it is important to understand your options. Whatever your choice may be, remember that higher deductible means a lower price and a lower deductible will cost a bit more. Since your deductible will end up being your out of pocket cost in the event of an accident or loss, it is always better to have a lowest deductible you can afford.

Why should I get a policy from Emperor Insurance Center?

Emperor Insurance Center works with more carriers than a lot of other insurance providers. We can shop the insurance market for you to find you the most competitive price for what you are looking for. We work for you and not for the insurance companies. This means we will offer you our best deals and always recommend insurance coverage that is truly best for you and your budget. We have very flexible plans when it comes to monthly payments and down payments. We will strive to work within whatever budget you express. It is our job to always make sure your insurance experience is as painless as possible. This makes it easier to meet your ultimate goal of being